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Asha's story of growth has been a phenomena which started with a desire to provide a sound measurable methods for rehab process. Today in a short span of 5 years the company has morphed into a gigantic engine towards preventive health in Corporates, School and also identification of Sporting Talent at a very young age.

Asha has very unique programs unheard of in the healthcare space that it has been operating. To name a few.

Pregnancy Contact Centre:

More than 3,000 pregnant mothers have availed this unique program which provides 9 month support on phone for subjects such as Psychology, Diet, Nutrition, Fitness and Medical. Our system of calling customers at their convenience has helped this program to be very successful. We have many customers from different Corporates who avail this program.

Mobile Human Performance Lab:

A very important milestone in identifying Raw Talent in children between the age group of 8 to 16 years has been undertaken. A mobile van visits villages across Gujarat and performs a series of detailed testing covering Psychology, Physical and Skill based tests identifying raw hidden talent in children. More than 10,000 children have been tested so far, interestingly a good percentage of raw talent has been identified who has never played any sports at all, with a specific Sporting Talent.

Onsite Health Screening:

Today we offer complete health screening facility at the convenience of Corporate door steps helping them with identification of diseases at a very early stage thereby allowing them to make changes in their lifestyles. This helps them in both prevention of lifestyle diseases and also delay the medicine route that might be required lifelong in most cases.

School Health and FItness Program:

A complete 5 Star program covering all stakeholders of schools - Parents, Teachers, Support Staff, Drivers and Children. These programs covers all aspects of Health Screening, Health Education, Sports Assessment, Parenting / Counselling and Emergency Response Training (First Aid, Safety etc..). Our activity based training programs help the school to provide a healthy and fit environment.

HeafitO - Our Pre-School Wellness Program:

HeafitO is a comprehensive system of Healthcare focusing on Our Four Master Pillars. Our early childhood intervention and developmental programs lead children on the path to a healthy future during their early stages, by focusing on these four pillars. The aim of HeafitO program is to support and enhance the Health and Well-being of children and families by improving the Healthcare Opportunities, Health and Fitness Activities, Parental Programs, etc.

Schools play a very important role in the health of a child. The academic success of a child is strongly linked to his/her health and overall well-being. School health and fitness programs are said to be one of the most efficient strategies use to prevent major health and fitness problems. After the parents, schools have a major role in providing the instruction and experience that will prepare children to stay healthy and be a productive adults in future.

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