Sports Talent Hunt

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Children at young age generally prefer to play a sport which his or her best friend plays though he or she may not be good in that particular Sports. The objective of Our Program is to identify a hidden raw talent among students at a very young age and guide them to excel in sporting career.

Further identification of Sporting Talent through scientific sports related tests and also fitness level of the student is of paramount importance to this program. The ultimate aim is to provide necessary infrastructure both physical as well as soft infrastructure (Coaching etc) so that these talents ultimately culminate into significant performers at National and International Levels.


  • 23 different tests covering
    • Psychology
    • Sports Physiology
    • Sports Medicine
  • Scientifically Proven tests integrated an unique analysis software
  • Early talent search with continuous testing results in validation of data and success parameters

Psychology Tests Sports Physiology Tests Sports Medicine
Anxiety Analysis Endurance Physical Structure
Team Participation Capability Analysis Flexibility Deformities
Personality and Trait Analysis Agility Excercise related parameters
Explosive Power Hand Eye Coordination
Stamina Accuracy